Artificial grass for shops and retail

Artificial Grass Solutions for Shops and Retail
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Artificial grass for shops and retail

Fabgrass artificial grass is a versatile and easy to use synthetic grass that’s ideal for retail applications from displays in individual units, to lawn areas in retail malls and retail parks.

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Fabgrass synthetic grasses make ideal artificial grass for use in shops and retail. If you own or manage a single unit retail business, you can use our fake grass to create striking window displays and floor displays which provide a great theming for sports, heath, outdoor and summer entertaining products.

If you are a landscaper or designer working on a larger retail site like a mall or retail park, our fake grass lets you achieve the visual appeal of real grass quickly and easily, over just about any kind of surface. Fake grass looks great all year round, is easy to keep clean, and requires minimal maintenance.

Quality artificial grass for retail sites

By laying fake grass indoors in your shopping mall, you can bring the leisured feel of a well cared for outdoor lawn indoors, either permanently or temporarily.

This adds visual diversity to the mall experience, breaking up large areas of marble flooring and creating a pleasing and relaxing ambience.

Fabgrass supplies beautiful, three-green fake grasses for retail use. These range in type from tough, durable 25mm mow grass ideal for areas of heavy traffic,

such as cafe areas or sections of main walkways, to soft, rich 40mm mows which are almost impossible to distinguish from real grass.

Our grasses are also perfect for outdoor use in retail parks or at entrances to malls, helping to counter huge expanses of car-park tarmac.

Fabgrass is also frequently used as a ground material, indoors and out, when building play areas or providing seating within a retail environment.

Our top grasses for Artificial grass for shops and retail

Synthetic grass for shops

If you own or are planning the fit-out for a single retail unit, you can use Fabgrass synthetic turf to dress seasonal displays either on the floor or in your windows.

Laid with minimal preparation and work, Fabgrass looks and feels like real grass, whether it’s being walked on or is simply used for visual effect.

Our artificial grass is easy to lay indoors. You can lay it directly on top of existing floor coverings such as laminates, carpet tiles, vinyls, ceramic tiles or even screeded concrete.

If you are planning to leave your fake grass down long term, however, or if it is to be walked on continually, you may prefer to fit an artificial grass underlay, with the fake grass on top of this.

If your shop has exterior forecourt land, even if this is paved, Fabgrass makes it easy to give this an eyecatching overhaul that will look good all year round with a minimum of maintenance.