Artificial grass for bars, restaurants and cafes.

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Artificial grass for bars, restaurants and cafes.

Indoors or out, Fabgrass artificial grass is the quick and easy way for hospitality businesses to create garden areas that look great all year round without any need for garden care.

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Fabgrass fake grass is a flexible and practical solution for owners or designers of restaurants, bars and cafes who want to create a grassed area without burdening the business with the inevitable difficulties of caring for natural grass.

Whether you wish to provide a functional grassed area, such as a beer-garden, or would just like to have the ornamental appearance of a well-tended lawn outside a window or beyond a terrace, Fabgrass’s range of artificial turfs includes a perfect option.

Using synthetic grass to create a functional restaurant or pub garden.

On a fine evening in Spring or Summer, nothing drives business for a pub or restaurant quite like the availability of an attractive garden in which customers can enjoy a drink or meal.

With a wide range of fake turfs, Fabgrass lets you transform an existing area of natural lawn, or an area currently tarmaced or flagstoned, to create a lawn that remains lush and green all year round, requiring nothing more than to be swept or hosed down occasionally.

Our artificial grass will shrug off drink spills; withstand the wear and tear of chairs, tables and pointed heels; and complies with all appropriate Standards for fire prevention.

With minimal ongoing costs for maintaining your fake lawn, and the certainty that it will attract extra custom, Fabgrass artificial grass doesn’t just look great: it’s a great investment, too.

Our top grasses for Artificial grass for bars, restaurants and cafes.

Decorative use of artificial grass in your bar, restaurant or cafe.

If your bar, restaurant or cafe does not offer al-fresco eating or drinking, you can still gain fantastic benefit from using Fabgrass fake turf to create engaging interior features or to provide an attractive view out through a window or door.

With a little imagination, this can be especially effective where a window in a bar or dining area overlooks an ugly expanse of concrete or an unappealing flat roof.

By laying fake grass and adding planters filled with either real or artificial plants, as well as other carefully chosen garden features, an appealing and maintenance-free garden view can be created within a few hours.

If your bar, restaurant or cafe does have an existing area of lawn which you do not use but which adds to the
charm of your premises, Fabgrass is a great way to remove the ongoing cost and trouble of maintaining this to a worthwhile standard.

Alternatively, if you have an unsightly area of outdoor concrete which actually detracts from the charm of your premises, synthetic grass could transform its appearance in a matter of hours.