Artificial grass for putting greens

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Artificial grass for putting greens

If you’re building a putting green at home, Fabgrass artificial grass is the answer, requiring next to no maintenance and giving you a surface you can practise on all year round.

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Fabgrass synthetic grass is the perfect solution if you’re installing a putting green in your garden, and would like to spend your spare time practising, rather than tending the green or putting up with its seasonal ups and downs.

Simple and quick to plan out and install, our special 20mm mow putting green artificial grass lets you build out a green that looks, feels and plays like a club green tended by a professional green-keeper. Surround it with a belt of one of our longer cut synthetic turfs, and you have everything you need to finesse your game coming off the fairway or out of the rough.

Using artificial turf to build a putting green.

A year-round home putting green surfaced with high-quality astroturf designed for putting greens will benefit your game enormously, as well as letting you make pleasurable use of even 15 spare minutes at home.

Tough and durable, our special 20mm fake grass for putting greens has a pleasing, three-shade blade mix.

Its short mow keeps the blades standing straight, and the surface is easy to sweep, hose or wipe clean should it become fouled.

If you’d like to receive a sample of our artificial putting green grass, add a note in the Additional Information box when you order your free Sample Pack, and we’ll include this for you.

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Constructing your putting green with synthetic grass.

The size and shape of your green will usually be dictated by the space and site you have available in your garden.

Whatever scale and proportions these are, though, Fabgrass’s artificial turf is easy to plan with and to install.

Although some golfers do lay a green using only our special 20mm artificial putting green grass, we’ve found that the majority of home greens incorporate a belt of longer pile (30mm - 40mm) grass surrounding the green itself, enabling the user to practise chipping or putting from the fairway.

Construction of an artificial grass putting green involves simply lifting an area of existing real turf, or preparing ground used for some other purpose, by compacting thoroughly.

A weed-retardant membrane is then laid, and a bed of road stone compacted on top of this. This is levelled off with a shallow layer of compacted builders’ sand.

The Fabgrass artificial grass is then laid on top of this and secured in position.

While the whole thing is within the scope of many competent DIYers, lots of golfers choose to have their gardener or a landscaper prepare the bed, and then either lay the artificial turf (or turfs if incorporating some rough) for them, or else leave this final part for them to do themselves.