Artificial grass for gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools

Fabgrass Artificial Grass for Gyms and Leisure Centres Synthetic Grass
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Artificial grass for gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools

Fabgrass artificial grass for gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools. Construct grassed warm-up or exercise areas quickly and easily, as well as adding a sportier look to your premises.

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Fabgrass artificial grass is ideal for use in leisure facilities of all kinds. Replicating the natural sports setting of soft, green grass, it maintains its condition and looks year round with little or no maintenance.

With a range of easy to lay artificial turfs of varying weave density and cut height, our synthetic turfs can be used both for sports-themed decorative purposes, and as a durable, low-maintenance flooring in areas used by your members or customers to warm up or participate in light exercise and classes.

Artificial turf for sports centres and gyms

Whether you run or are redesigning a public sector leisure facility or private club, Fabgrass’s range of lush, green artificial turfs let you re-energise areas used for classes, exercise or warm up.

With minimal work, you can replace surfaces that are currently carpeted or fitted with laminate floor with a soft, inviting and highly durable synthetic grass surface.

You can lay our artificial grass just as easily outdoors, too.

If there’s an area of your site that is currently concreted, flagstoned or laid with real grass, you can use Fabgrass to transform it into an appealing and well-used space for outdoor classes, or on which outdoor exercise or play equipment can be installed.

With virtually no maintenance cost, Fabgrass keeps its looks year round, however much punishment you subject it to.

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Using artificial grass in restyling your gym, leisure centre or pool

As well as providing a versatile flooring for areas of your leisure facility actually used for exercise, Fabgrass is highly suitable for architectural use in the permanent styling of a facility’s interior or site, as well as in the construction of temporary promotional or event displays.

The rich natural appearance of our three-green grasses, some with realistic blade curl, makes Fabgrass ideal for echoing a feel of sportiness and outdoors in your decor.

Easy to lay indoors over existing flooring, the Fabgrass range varies from short mow fake turfs designed for use in high traffic areas like cafeterias or reception areas, through to long (40mm) mow turfs which have the softness and underfoot spring of a high quality lawn or lush carpet.

When used outdoors, or in an entrance area for users arriving at your facility, Fabgrass provides an inspiring, sporting, green-grass cue that maintains its good looks year round, with virtually no maintenance.