Artificial grass for landscapers

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Artificial grass for landscapers

Fabgrass is a complete range of easy to plan and lay artificial grasses, enabling you to select and fit authentic looking artificial turf on any well prepared ground and for every kind of usage.

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The appeal of Fabgrass artificial grass for landscapers and garden designers lies in the high quality of each of our grasses, the simplicity of preparing the ground and the outstanding effect you will achieve with the finished lawn.

Fabgrass can be laid onto just about any terrain, including flat or sloped lawns, banks and even gentle undulations. Our range includes grasses with a cut height as short as 20mm, all the way through to a lush, soft fake grass some 40mm in height. All our grasses feature three individual shades of green in the colour of the blades, while several also incorporate a selection of natural blade curls into their composition.

Recommending artificial grass - tips for garden designers

As a landscaper or garden designer, unless your client has specifically requested that you lay artificial grass, they may be surprised that you should recommend this.

But once you understand the intended usage of their garden, it may be a sensible recommendation.

Artificial lawns require little maintenance, making them ideal for older homeowners or people with minimal interest in caring for a garden.

Similarly, they are easy to keep clean with a hose, brush or occasional wipe, and resistant to digging, making them an attractive option for pet owners.

Perhaps most appealingly, artificial grasses don’t grow! No weeding. No mowing. Just a surprisingly natural feeling surface that’s ready to enjoy on any day of the year.

Our top grasses for Artificial grass for landscapers

Laying Fabgrass artificial grass - guidance for landscapers and gardeners

All our synthetic grass is simple to lay.

Existing turf should be removed from the area to which you are laying the fake turf, and the earth compacted. A weed retardant membrane should then be laid on top.

A base of compacted road stone is then laid on top of this, and its surface evened with a depth of approximately 20mm of builders’ sand.

The Fabgrass fake grass is supplied in widths of 2m or 4m, in rolled lengths which can be up to 25m long.

The unrolled pieces are laid out on top of the sand, and our joint tape and glue are used to create seams where widths need to be joined.

You then simply pin the artificial turf through into the compacted ground around its edges and on either side of any seams, using galvanised metal fixing pins.

As with any turf job, preparation of the ground is the critical part. If this is done with care, an outstanding result will be achieved in a relatively short time.