Artificial grass for events and exhibitions

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Artificial grass for events and exhibitions

Simple to design with, fit and reuse, Fabgrass gives your stand the instant magic of a great looking lawn. And if you’re a promoter, Fabgrass can bring your whole show to life.

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Fabgrass’s rich, green artificial grass offers exhibition promoters, as well as individual exhibitors, a versatile and flexible way to transform the look and feel of a stand or of an entire show.

Easy to design with and quick and easy to roll out, smooth and trim into position, Fabgrass synthetic grass is
perfect for getting in quickly, creating a great impression, and getting out with a minimum of hassle.

Using artificial grass at an exhibition you are promoting

Whether you’re an exhibition promoter, or a designer creating an exciting and imaginative show theme for a promoter, Fabgrass lets you lay convincing, resilient, beautifully ‘cared for’ grassy reception areas, traffic walkways and breakout areas in minutes.

Fabgrass fake turf provides perfect zone flooring for shows connected to homes and gardens, garden furnishings and modern living, or sport.

And with a little imagination, the lush, green flash of our authentic artificial grass is also ideal for creating ‘beer garden’ style refreshment areas, evoking a sporty summer ‘lawn tennis’ feel, or providing green, outdoor cues for healthy eating and living events.

Our top grasses for Artificial grass for events and exhibitions

Using artificial turf to give your stand ‘standout’.

Fabgrass’s range includes 6 different types of synthetic grass, with varying heights of cut. This makes them softer or firmer, or more or less lush, underfoot.

If you’re an exhibitor looking to give your stand cut through and memorability at a busy show, synthetic grass is perfect.

If your business has an intrinsic link to gardens, sport or outdoor living then it’s the perfect flooring onto which to welcome visitors.

But even if your business is in another field entirely, fake grass can help you catch the eye of tired attendees and create a welcoming creative theme for your show presence.

It’s impactful, affordable, and easy to roll up and store, making it reusable for show after show.

Talk it over with your stand designer or marketing team. You’ll be amazed how quickly the ideas start to flow.