Artificial grass for offices and businesses

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Artificial grass for offices and businesses

Using Fabgrass fake grass for offices, or for business premises of other kinds, is the low maintenance way to add the appeal of regularly tended grass, or even lawn, to your workplace.

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Fabgrass fake grass can help transform the look and feel of individual office spaces, complete office buildings or the forecourt or reception areas of other kinds of commercial buildings.

If you are a business owner or office manager, our convincing, three-green fake grass, in a range of cut lengths and weave densities to suit all kinds of uses, gives you a quick and cost-effective way to add an area of grass to a reception space or public area.

For building owners, managing agents or architects working on the planning or refurbishment of an office building, Fabgrass provides the appeal of well cared for grass, year round, outdoors or in, with virtually no maintenance.

Artificial grass for offices occupied by your business

If you own an office based business, or are responsible for the planning of your company’s offices, Fabgrass artificial grass lets you introduce a suggestion of the outdoors into a reception area, rest room or even into a meeting space.

By fitting artificial grass carefully and tidily, perhaps with the addition of a nicely stocked planter or two, even small areas can add visual diversity to the environment of your office.

If your office has external space, such as a roof terrace or balcony, then Fabgrass is ideal for lending a gentler, more appealing feel, both visually and underfoot, to surfaces that might otherwise remain bare concrete or tiles.

Easy to install over existing floor coverings, once our synthetic grass is in position it maintains its looks and condition year round. It’s virtually maintenance free, and can be swept, vacuumed or wiped clean should it become dirty.

Our top grasses for Artificial grass for offices and businesses

Synthetic grass for office buildings

Fabgrass artificial turfs add naturalistic visual appeal and detail to the forecourt, entrance, public areas, courtyards, balconies and accessible roof spaces of any office building.

Our fresh, green synthetic turfs, in a range of cut heights and weave densities to suit a variety of purposes, improve your building’s market appeal, and enhance the experience of tenants and their staff and visitors as they enter and work in their offices.

Fabgrass artificial grass is easy to lay, both indoors and out.

Once it’s in position, the grass requires little or no maintenance, sustaining the appearance of being well tended all year round.

If laying Fabgrass on large outdoor areas of an office building likely to experience high traffic (a roof terrace or courtyard used as a cafe or bar, for example), the range includes shorter mow grasses which maintain their looks no matter how much wear they receive.