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Artificial grass for pet owners

Quick and easy to install, Fabgrass’ range of artificial turfs are the perfect solution for pet owners. No yellow rings from urine, simple to keep clean and impossible for your dog to dig holes in.

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Fabgrass artificial grass is the perfect answer for pet owners who are tired of trying to maintain a perfect lawn, while at the same time sharing it with a much loved pet.

Quick and easy to plan out and install, our range of high quality synthetic turfs ensure you can allow your dog the freedom of your lawn, without resigning yourself to it being destroyed or worrying about it being fouled.

Laying synthetic grass as a pet owner

If you have a garden which has always been laid to lawn, but which to your dog has done its worst, lifting the turf and replacing it with Fabgrass artificial grass will make your life easy and give you great looking grass, no matter what happens.

Do you have a bitch who urinates on your grass, leaving discoloured circles? Our artificial grasses remain lush and green, and wash clean with the next downpour or a quick hose down.

It’s the same story with any other mess your dog might make on your lawn. With Fabgrass it wipes or hoses away quickly and easily.

As for the holes in the lawn that are the bane of every pet owner’s life, Fabgrass synthetic grasses are manufactured with a durable backing weave that’s more than a match for even the most determined and sharp clawed of dogs.

Our top grasses for Artificial grass for pet owners

Using fake grass to make a pet-safe lawn

Our range of Fabgrass artificial grass includes six different fake turfs.

These vary in cut length from a clipped, tidy 25mm mow that stands straight regardless of almost any abuse, to a lush, generous 40mm cut that gives an exquisite looking lawn.

If you have a big dog, or several dogs, that make heavy use of your lawn, it’s probably better to choose a shorter cut, as the length and density of weave will make your lawn easy to clean and keep it looking well cared for.

If you have only a small dog, or a dog that spends relatively little time on the lawn, then you might consider a medium length cut, giving you a softer, lusher lawn but still with all the advantages of fake grass.

Whichever Fabgrass turf you choose, it’s important to prepare and compact the ground well before you lay it.

If your garden is of a modest size and you’re not afraid of the work, it’s a very manageable DIY task. Otherwise, any landscaper will do the preparation for you, and either lay the fake grass, or leave you to do this part of the job yourself.