St Austell 25mm Artificial Grass

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This product is guaranteed for 10 years against defects in manufacture or performance.

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  • Available in 2m and 4m widths and up to 25m in length
  • Latex backing and pre-punched for drainage
  • Certified to BS 4790
  • Certified to BS EN1177
  • 25mm Pile — Super soft
  • Tri-Colour Natural Look
  • Latex Backing
  • Pre-punched for drainage
  • High UV Stabilisation
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Looks Great All Seasons
  • Easy to self install
  • Child Friendly
  • Dog Friendly
  • No Need to Mow
  • No Watering, No feeding


  • 100% Thiolon(r)polythene, monofilament, anti-UV fibre
  • Approx pile height: 25mm



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St Austell 25mm artificial grass is a tough, versatile and highly realistic looking fake turf.

With a short pile equivalent to a real lawn mown to a height of 25mm, St Austell is an ideal artificial grass for use in domestic gardens, even if you have a dog. It’s also an excellent choice for commercial use, indoors and out, in areas likely to experience high traffic.

St Austell 25mm is available in widths of 2m and 4m, with a roll length of upto 25m.

High-quality artificial turf

Manufactured for Fabgrass by one of the world’s leading suppliers of artificial grass, St Austell is an outstanding value fake turf.

A super soft luxury grass with blades in three different shades of fresh green, the weave of this highly convincing artificial turf contains 4 different strand curls.

This gives an extremely natural appearance, while the short cut adds to the product’s versatility and robust performance.

Using St Austell 25mm as a fake grass in your garden

If you’re planning on laying artificial grass in your garden, on an area previously laid to real lawn, or on an area which was previously concreted or decked, St Austell 25mm is an excellent choice.

Its short pile stands up nicely no matter how much action it is subjected to from animals or children, and the slightly open weave of the blades makes it easy to hose or wipe clean if fouled by a pet.

A heavy duty fake grass for commercial use

St Austell 25mm is an outstanding fake grass for use in both temporary and long term commercial installs.

With its shorter pile helping it to retain its straight, ‘well-watered’ characteristic without much attention, St Austell 25mm works exceptionally well in situations where it’s likely to be walked on regularly by a fairly high level of traffic.

This makes it an excellent artificial grass for office building roof gardens, pub garden areas, busy exhibition stands and even for play areas in schools and nurseries.

Installing St Austell 25mm artificial turf

St Austell  is easy and quick to lay. If you’re using it in a permanent garden setting, once your ground has been properly prepared and compacted and a bed of sand laid, the St Austell 25mm will bed into position on top with very little effort.

If you’re using this artificial turf in indoor or display settings, it can be laid directly over existing laminate or vinyl floors, and even directly onto concrete floors. A layer of artificial grass underlay may be laid first, if desired.

Fed up of pets making a mess, digging up real grass and trampling mud into the house? This is a perfect fake grass for pet owners.

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