Newquay 40mm Artificial Grass

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This product is guaranteed for 10 years against defects in manufacture or performance.

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  • 40mm Pile
  • Tri-Coloured Super Soft
  • Latex Backing
  • Pre-punched for drainage
  • High UV Stabilisation
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Looks Great All Seasons
  • Easy to self install
  • Child Friendly
  • Dog Friendly
  • No Need to Mow
  • No Watering, No feeding
  • Available in 2m and 4m widths and up to 25m in length
  • Latex backing and pre-punched for drainage
  • Certified to BS 4790
  • Certified to BS EN1177


  • 100% Thiolon(r)polythene, monofilament, anti-UV fibre
  • Approx pile height: 40mm



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Newquay 40mm artificial grass is one of the finest synthetic turfs available, making it possible to create an artificial grass surface with the appearance of a full height natural lawn, in peak condition and receipt of frequent professional care.

Newquay 40mm is supplied in widths of 2m and 4m, with a roll length of 25m.

Superb, long length artificial grass

Made by one of the world’s leading artificial grass makers, Newquay 40mm is, in our opinion, as good as fake grass gets.

With a realistic mix of greens, undergrowth of authentic brighter shoots, convincing range of blade curls and superb weight and density of weave, Newquay 40mm will delight the proudest garden owner, drawing admiring comments from friends and neighbours.

Using Newquay 40mm as a fake grass in your garden

Newquay 40mm is a superb quality artificial grass for domestic garden use, particularly if you want the
appearance and feel of a lush, high cut lawn. It is durable and hard wearing.

Like any long blade grass, however, the longer blade length means that under heavy wear it may tend to flatten a little, requiring a brush or rake through to re-raise the pile.

If your grass is not trampled or played on endlessly, and you are aiming for a lawn that will provide a stunning backdrop to your planting, Newquay 40mm is an excellent choice.

A stunning artificial grass for commercial use

As a beautiful and robust artificial grass, Newquay 40mm is a smart choice for commercial applications in which its stunning and beautifully cared for appearance is key.

If creating a showpiece grassed feature area in a hotel or office development, for example, Newquay 40mm would prove ideal. Similarly, if comfort and softness are important (for example, in creating an indoor ‘garden’ room in a nursery school or playgroup, it could again be an excellent choice.

Installing Newquay 40mm artificial turf

Newquay 40mm is simple to install. If you’re laying an area of lawn in your garden, you simply remove any existing turf, compact the earth and lay a weed-retardant membrane, then compact a bed of road stones and add a layer of compacted builders’ sand. The fake grass can then be laid on top.

If you’re using Newquay 40mm in an indoor setting, either temporarily or long term, it can be laid directly on top of hard floors, laminates or vinyl floorings. Alternatively, an artificial grass underlay can be used, with the fake turf laid on top of this.

Fed up of pets making a mess, digging up real grass and trampling mud into the house?This grass will definitely help, but may prove harder to clean up than one of our shorter grasses.

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