Artificial Grass Jointing Glue – 310ml cartridge


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A single part, Polyurethane adhesive for joining widths of Fabgrass artificial grass, in conjunction with our Artificial Grass Jointing Tape.

The Jointing Glue requires a standard cartridge gun, and each cartridge contains enough glue to create one seam of approximately 4 metres in length.

You should order sufficient cartridges to glue the full length of seams required to construct your artificial lawn.

To use, place the length of cut Jointing Tape, rearside up, on the ground. Work your way along it with the Jointing Glue cartridge fitted into your cartridge gun, zig zagging the glue backwards and forwards across the width of the tape.

Once you have glued the full length, slide half of the tape width under the edge of one width of artificial grass, and press down all the way along the turf to ensure adhesion. Then manoeuvre the second artificial grass width into position over the glued tape, butting up against the first width, and apply pressure to the turf on this side of the join.





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