Falmouth 40mm Artificial Grass

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This product is guaranteed for 10 years against defects in manufacture or performance.

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  • 0mm Pile — Super soft
  • Tri-Colour Natural Look
  • Latex Backing
  • Pre-punched for drainage
  • High UV Stabilisation
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Looks Great All Seasons
  • Easy to self install
  • Child Friendly
  • Dog Friendly
  • No Need to Mow
  • No Watering, No feeding
  • Available in 2m and 4m widths and up to 25m in length
  • Latex backing and pre-punched for drainage
  • Certified to BS 4790
  • Certified to BS EN1177


  • 100% Thiolon(r)polythene, monofilament, anti-UV fibre
  • Approx pile height: 40mm
  • Weight: 3kg per square metre



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Falmouth 40mm artificial grass is a lush, rich green synthetic turf, with a luxurious blade height equivalent to a lawn mown to a height of 40mm.

With this height of grass blade, Falmouth 40mm fake grass feels wonderfully soft underfoot, like a good quality rug, and looks convincingly like a summer lawn in peak condition but left to grow to a longer length between cuts.

Falmouth 40mm is available in widths of either 2m or 4m, with a roll length of 25m.

Stunning quality artificial turf

Falmouth 40mm is made for Fabgrass by one of the very best manufacturers of artificial grass in the world.
Comprising natural shaped blades in three different green colours, this highly authentic fake grass also has four differently curled strand types. It’s the combination of these multiple shades and curls that makes Falmouth 40mm so difficult to tell at a glance from real grass.

Using Falmouth 40mm as a fake grass in your garden

Falmouth 40mm will give you a beautiful and extremely impressive artificial lawn which will look supremely well cared for all year round and have a softness and spring when you walk on it.Because of the length of the cut, just like real grass of this length, Falmouth 40mm can tend to ‘roll over’ somewhat when subjected to heavy use, or, for example, should it snow.
All that’s required when this happens is that you give your fake turf a gentle sweep or rake over to re-raise the pile, restoring it to its full height.
Notwithstanding how beautiful a Falmouth 40mm lawn can look, if you are looking for an artificial grass which will require little or no care, you may prefer a short or medium length grass from our range.

A stunning fake grass for commercial use

Falmouth 40mm is an amazing looking fake grass that can be used in commercial applications, both indoors and out.
If you’re creating a grassed area that will be seen rather than walked on, Falmouth 40mm could be an excellent choice, with its long, mixed-curl blades and three-green colour mix combining to give the appearance of a lawn that has the continuous attention of professional ground staff.
If you are using fake grass in an office, retail, event or similar application where it is likely to experience heavy traffic, however, one of our shorter pile grasses is likely to prove easier to keep looking good.

Installing Falmouth 40mm artificial turf

Like all our fake grass, Falmouth 40mm is simple to lay. If you’re using it in a permanent garden setting, once your ground has been properly prepared and compacted and a sand bed laid, the Falmouth 40mm can be fixed on top with very little effort.
If you’re using Falmouth 40mm in indoor or display settings, it can be laid directly over existing laminate or vinyl floors, and even directly onto concrete floors. A layer of artificial grass underlay may be laid first, if desired.

Fed up of pets making a mess, digging up real grass and trampling mud into the house? This grass will definitely help, but may prove harder to clean up than one of our shorter grasses.

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