Artificial Grass Jointing Tape – per metre

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Suitable for use with all of our range of artificial grasses, this superior quality artificial grass jointing tape enables you to make a perfect and lasting unseen joint between two widths, or adjoining lengths, of Fabgrass artificial turf.

Having laid out adjoining widths of fake turf, simply cut the jointing tape to length to run all the way down the seam and use our Artificial Grass Jointing Glue to zig zag there and back across the width of the tape, down the full length of the join.

Then slide the glued jointing tape under the edge of one of the widths, leaving half of the width protruding. The second width can then be manoeuvred into position and butted up against the first, to form a perfect and invisible join.

Fabgrass Artificial Grass Jointing Tape is supplied per metre, to the length you request.

So if you need to make 1 join down a 7 metre seam, for example, you should select ‘7’ from the quantity menu.

Your tape will be supplied as a single roll, or as multiple rolls if you are ordering a large amount.





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