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Our Artificial Grass Is Great For Restaurants

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When you have a restaurant in a city or town, having a beer garden with actual grass is highly appealing. Especially if your surroundings are otherwise relatively grey and drab.

Since our artificial grass is low maintenance, it is ideal for all sorts of applications including bars, cafes and restaurants. In particular, it’s perfect for places which want to create an area for al fresco dining and you can also add other plants along with other garden features.

When you choose this type of grass, you won’t have to worry about people bringing mud into your establishment, and you’ll have a lawn which is extremely durable. It also won’t require any mowing and since it is extremely soft, children are less likely to have any accidents. All in all, it’s great investment for any establishment.

Since real grass suffers from excessive footfall, having artificial grass means you won’t have to worry about bare patches or the grass wearing thin.

Our artificial grass is not only popular for restaurants and cafes but offices, gyms and leisure centres, swimming pools, nurseries and schools. It is extremely easy to lay and will bring instant visual appeal to any space. We even have several colours to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your surroundings.

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