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Discover Our Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

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Many people find it hard to maintain the perfect lawn because of their pets. Your dog has to ‘do their business’ and it can’t always be when you’re out and about.

Much as you love your furry friend, it’s deeply unpleasant when your dog urinates on the grass and leaves those yellow circles. With our pet-friendly artificial grass, however, you can easily clean up any messes and maintain the perfect lawn.

Our brilliant pet-friendly artificial grass is extremely easy to keep clean. All you need to do is use a hose or wipe any messes away. No longer will you have to worry about your best friend spoiling your beautiful greenery!

Make your lawn safe for pets.

With our pet-friendly artificial grass, you’ll now longer have to worry about your dog digging holes in the lawn. We’ve all seen our dog rummaging in the earth, looking for bones or preparing a hole for their waste.

Lush, green and easily washed, our artificial grass is tough, robust and highly versatile. It comes in two varieties: St Austell and St Ives, with prices starting from only £13.49.

Our lawns are suitable for both smaller gardens and much larger spaces. Applying it is a relatively easy DIY task but it’s important to prepare the ground beforehand. A landscaper can easily do this for you.

Why not find out more about our artificial grass for pet owners?