Buy top quality artificial grass at the best prices.

Fed up of weeding and mowing? Fabgrass supplies everything you need to end your grass headache with a beautiful, authentic looking artificial lawn. Order from us, then fit it yourself or find a local landscaper to do it for you.

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We're an independent business based in the East Midlands, Nottingham, offering a full range of great looking, easy to lay artificial grass.

Have a garden that looks great, all year round.

Transform your garden and never give mowing or weeding another thought. Green. Lush. Tidy. Without lifting a finger.

Bring the outdoors into your business.

Outdoors or in, artificial grass is a great way to add visual appeal and attractive new spaces to your office, shop, hotel, bar or other premises.

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All our artificial grasses. Feel them. Stand on them. Compare the colours and looks. Choose the perfect length. Get it now!

No more mowing! From choosing your grass to caring for it once it’s down, everything about Fabgrass is easy. Find the fake grass solution for you >

Artificial grass lawn is so versatile, flexible, and high quality, it can help you transform spaces and places of every kind. You can fit it outdoors or in, in permanent settings or temporary ones. Find out more about choosing and laying fake grass where or how you want to do it.


Do you have an energetic and fun-loving family? Maybe you've got young kids who love running around in the garden?

Fabgrass offers the perfect solution to provide a pleasant and safe play environment for children. The grass is softer which makes it safer for bumps and falls - meaning fewer tears and scuffed knees!

No Watering



No Mud or Mess!

No Mowing!

Take your pick! Get a FREE Artificial Grass Sample Pack of all 6 of our Top Selling Styles!

Don’t risk choosing a grass that’s too short or too long, or that doesn’t feel the way you’d like. Order our FREE Sample Pack and compare before you order.

Fabgrass. Around your home, it’s better than real grass!

Fabgrass Direct artificial turf & synthetic lawn is flexible and versatile. Once it’s down it requires so little care that you’ll wonder what took you so long to discover it. Fabgrass transforms lawns, replacing faded, irregular and warn out grass with a lush green carpet that looks great all year round. There are lots of other reasons to lay Fabgrass around your home, too!

Transform your garden

Fabgrass gives you a perfect, trimmed lawn that looks great every day of the year.

It looks like grass feels like grass and drains like grass. But it doesn’t grow or fade like grass. All you need do to keep it looking beautiful is give it an occasional sweep over or tidy with a garden vacuum or blower. Order a Fabgrass sample pack or artificial grass roll today and transform your garden

Bring a deck or balcony to life

Fabgrass isn’t only great for relaying lawns. All our artificial grass can be cut to any size you like, using nothing more than a Stanley knife. And with a little thought, you can lay it onto just about any surface.

So you can use strips or small areas amongst patio slabs, between sections of decking, or to turn all or part of a balcony into a garden in the sky.

Unlock the garden designer inside you, and you’ll be delighted with the result.

Make peace with your pet

Your dog (or cat) may be your best friend, but he or she is unlikely to be your lawn’s. Your dog’s digging and toilet habits create holes, discoloured circles and hazardous mess on a real lawn, so it permanently looks uncared for. And when it’s muddy, every trip into the garden your dog makes brings mud back into the house.

With Fabgrass, it’s a different story. No holes. No mud. And a wipe clean or hose down surface that’s back to perfect in minutes.

Perfect your putting

We have a special 20mm Fabgrass turf that’s designed specifically for building putting greens. So why not set to work and turn a section of garden, or even an unused garage, into a private putting green where you can work on your technique whenever you have a few minutes spare - come rain or shine.

If you have enough space, laying a ring of longer Fabgrass around the synthetic 20mm green gives more possibilities to your practice.

Take your pick! Get a FREE Artificial Grass Sample Pack of all 6 of our Top Selling Styles!

Don’t risk choosing a grass that’s too short or too long, or that doesn’t feel the way you’d like. Order our FREE Sample Pack and compare before you order.

Fabgrass. We're your independent artificial grass experts.

Fabgrass Direct in Nottingham supplies DIY artificial grass and accessories for laying artificial grass to homeowners and businesses all over the UK.

We’ve been in the artificial grass business for more than a decade, designing and laying synthetic lawns through our Midlands-based sister company.

If you need help or advice in planning out your artificial grass project, give us a call!

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